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cricket/india fans invade pitch wins 1983 cricket world
India fans invade the pitch after their side wins the 1983 Cricket World Cup Final
cricket/devon malcolm celebrates match winning performance
Devon Malcolm celebrates his match-winning performance at the Oval in 1994
cricket/devon malcolm celebrates wicket oval 1994
Devon Malcolm celebrates a wicket at the Oval in 1994
cricket/jonty rhodes lies injured hit devon malcolm bouncer
Jonty Rhodes lies injured after being hit by a Devon Malcolm bouncer at the Oval in 1994
cricket/clive lloyds lifts cricket world cup 1975
Clive Lloyds lifts the cricket World Cup in 1975
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1921
Warwickshire C.C.C. - 1921
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1928
Warwickshire C.C.C. - 1928
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1931
Warwickshire C.C.C. - 1931
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1925
Warwickshire C.C.C. - 1925
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1955
Warwickshire C.C.C. - 1955
cricket/gary gilmour match winning performance 1975 world
Gary Gilmour during his match-winning performance in the 1975 World Cup semi-final
cricket/john edrich bats rest 1974
John Edrich bats for The Rest in 1974
cricket/worcestershire keeper steven rhodes 1995 bh
Worcestershire keeper Steven Rhodes during the 1995 B&H semi-final
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1949
Warwickshire C.C.C. - 1949
cricket/sydney barnes staffordshire ccc
Sydney Barnes - Staffordshire C.C.C
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1933
Warwickshire C.C.C. - 1933
cricket/sussex ccc 1930
Sussex C.C.C. - 1930
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1930
Warwickshire C.C.C. - 1930
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1926
Warwickshire C.C.C - 1926
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1924
Warwickshire C.C.C. - 1924
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1922
Warwickshire C.C.C - 1922
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1920
Warwickshire C.C.C. - 1920
cricket/indias mohammad azharuddin way scoring 179 england
India's Mohammad Azharuddin on the way to scoring 179 against England in the 2nd
cricket/indias mohammad azharuddin bats oval 1990
India's Mohammad Azharuddin bats at the Oval in 1990
cricket/mohammad azharuddin bats india 1990
Mohammad Azharuddin bats for India in 1990
cricket/ricardo ellcock worcester
Ricardo Ellcock - Worcester
cricket/john warr middlesex
John Warr - Middlesex
cricket/david acfield essex 1983
David Acfield - Essex 1983
cricket/midlands club cricket conference team 1948
Midlands Club Cricket Conference team in 1948
cricket/mike gatting bats edgbaston 1988
Mike Gatting bats at Edgbaston in 1988
cricket/mike gatting desmond haynes share joke 1988
Mike Gatting and Desmond Haynes share a joke in 1988
cricket/mike gatting bowls middlesex 1989
Mike Gatting bowls for Middlesex in 1989
cricket/mike gatting
Mike Gatting
cricket/mike gatting pulls ball boundary centenary test
Mike Gatting pulls a ball to the boundary during the Centenary Test at Lords
cricket/mike gatting organises field 1988
Mike Gatting organises his field in 1988
cricket/michael atherton walks pavillion scoring maiden
Michael Atherton walks back to the pavillion after scoring his maiden Test century
cricket/michael atherton celebrates maiden test century
Michael Atherton celebrates his maiden Test century
cricket/dejected ian botham second test 1981 ashes
A dejected Ian Botham during the Second Test of the 1981 Ashes
cricket/harold larwood
Harold Larwood
cricket/trevor bailey essex ccc
Trevor Bailey - Essex CCC
cricket/trevor bailey bbc radio cricket commentator
Trevor Bailey BBC Radio cricket commentator
cricket/cricket worcestershire county cricket club photocall
Cricket - Worcestershire County Cricket Club Photocall 1987. Graham Dilley
cricket/wilfred sanders warwickshire
Wilfred Sanders - Warwickshire
cricket/john pugh warwickshire
John Pugh - Warwickshire
cricket/albert hayhurst warwickshire
Albert Hayhurst - Warwickshire
cricket/jack hobbs andy sandham surrey
Jack Hobbs and Andy Sandham - Surrey
cricket/tony lewis plays the rest 1974
Tony Lewis plays for "The Rest" in 1974
cricket/tony lewis glamorgan ccc
Tony Lewis - Glamorgan CCC
cricket/don bradman 1930 australia tour england
Don Bradman - 1930 Australia Tour of England
cricket/don bradman stan mccabe 1930
Don Bradman & Stan McCabe in 1930
cricket/captains don bradman allan white toss australias
The two captains, Don Bradman & Allan White, toss up before Australia's first
cricket/england xi 1948 test trial
England XI - 1948 Test Trial
cricket/england captain andrew strauss ashes urn scg
England captain Andrew Strauss with the Ashes Urn at the SCG
cricket/andrew strauss
Andrew Strauss
cricket/alastair cook celebrates century scg 2010 11 ashes
Alastair Cook celebrates his century at the SCG during the 2010/11 Ashes
cricket/basil doliveira 1974
Basil D'Oliveira in 1974
cricket/kapil dev catches viv richards 1983 world cup
Kapil Dev catches Viv Richards in the 1983 World Cup Final
cricket/rod marsh appeals dicke bird lords 1981
Rod Marsh appeals to Dicke Bird at Lords in 1981
cricket/david boon
David Boon
cricket/1985 ian botham charity walk
1985 Ian Botham Charity Walk
cricket/ian botham worcestershire 1987
Ian Botham - Worcestershire, 1987
cricket/dennis lillee ian botham 1981 ashes
Dennis Lillee & Ian Botham during the 1981 Ashes
cricket/ian botham takes crowds applause 118 5th test
Ian Botham takes the crowds applause after his 118 during the 5th Test of the 1981 Ashes
cricket/ian botham sweeps way 118 old trafford 1981 ashes
Ian Botham sweeps on the way to 118 at Old Trafford during the 1981 Ashes
cricket/ian botham reaches century 5th test 1981 ashes
Ian Botham reaches his century during the 5th Test of the 1981 Ashes
cricket/ian botham grabs stumps winning 4th test 1981
Ian Botham grabs the stumps after winning the 4th Test of the 1981 Ashes
cricket/ian botham headingley balcony englands remarkable
Ian Botham on the Headingley balcony after England's remarkable victory in 1981
cricket/ian botham 1977
Ian Botham, 1977
cricket/ian botham allan lamb drink wine 1992 world cup
Ian Botham and Allan Lamb drink some wine during the 1992 World Cup
cricket/ian botham 1981
Ian Botham in 1981
cricket/ponsford australia
Bill Ponsford - Australia
cricket/graham dilley bats famous stand ian botham 1981
Graham Dilley bats during his famous stand with Ian Botham in the Third 1981 Ashes
cricket/graham dilley
Graham Dilley
cricket/nawab pataudi
Nawab of Pataudi
cricket/smethwich cc 1935
Smethwich C.C. 1935
cricket/bob gale fred titmus
Bob Gale & Fred Titmus
cricket/fred titmus bob hurst middlesex ccc 1957
Fred Titmus & Bob Hurst - Middlesex C.C.C. 1957
cricket/shane warne celebrates wicket
Shane Warne celebrates a wicket
cricket/australian players celebrate winning 1993 ashes
Australian players celebrate winning the 1993 Ashes
cricket/gul mohamed rusi modi come bat india 1946 tour
Gul Mohamed and Rusi Modi come out to bat for All India - 1946 Tour of England
cricket/1946 india team walk field
The 1946 All India Team walk onto the field
cricket/devdas gandhi watches 1946 india team
Devdas Gandhi watches the 1946 All India team
cricket/nawab pataudi snr worcestershire ccc
Nawab of Pataudi Snr. - Worcestershire C.C.C
cricket/all india 1946 tour england
All-India - 1946 Tour of England
cricket/hubert george perkins 1925
Hubert George Perkins in 1925
cricket/wilfred potter 1932
Wilfred Potter in 1932
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1950 j ords benefit team
Warwickshire C.C.C. 1950 - J. Ord's Benefit Team Group
cricket/warwickshire ccc 1952 t pritchards benefit
Warwickshire C.C.C 1952 - T. Pritchard's Benefit
cricket/clive lloyd recovers run 1979 world cup final
Clive Lloyd recovers after almost being run out - 1979 World Cup Final
cricket/brian close bats yorkshire 1957
Brian Close bats for Yorkshire in 1957
cricket/teddy thomas surrey ccc
Teddy Thomas - Surrey C.C.C
cricket/teddy thomas surrey ccc
Teddy Thomas - Surrey C.C.C
cricket/teddy thomas surrey ccc
Teddy Thomas - Surrey C.C.C
cricket/graham monkhouse surrey ccc
Graham Monkhouse - Surrey C.C.C
cricket/graham monkhouse surrey ccc
Graham Monkhouse - Surrey C.C.C
cricket/graham monkhouse surrey ccc
Graham Monkhouse - Surrey C.C.C
cricket/franklyn stephenson nottinghamshire
Franklyn Stephenson - Nottinghamshire
cricket/franklyn stephenson sussex
Franklyn Stephenson - Sussex
cricket/franklyn stephenson sussex
Franklyn Stephenson - Sussex


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